Italian Restaurant, Owned and Driven by Artisan Chef
Venetian hospitality, cured and informal.
The welcome begins from the table with ironed tablecloths, well folded napkins
and polished cutlery.
The crystal glasses impatiently await the choice of wines!

The Italian Culinary Traditions from the Distance of 1934 km
We narrate the Italian landscape introducing you the great Italian culinary tradition with products selected and imported by the chef directly from the producers.
It was not easy to bring the Italian reality into your reach, with its excellence guaranteed and renowned in the whole world.
Over 80 % of your choice is Italian from Italy!
We are proud to offer you in Finland what you would find in Italy in the best restaurants!
la  Majacca

The Ristorante in the South of Finland
Keskuskatu 51  - 48100 Kotka  -  Finland
Phone  +358442800689 -

Sea World in Venetian Cuisine

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graphic & design by Studio AdHoc Ky

Three Tables? Exactly. The Chef Accepts Only Three Tables per Dinner!
To prepare your dinner without using ready-made products takes time. Accepting more tables, the time would become too long .
la Majacca
A Pearl in the South of Finland
Our kitchen is a small black pearl, rare, pure and genuine.
Cooking is a collision of ideas, techniques, cultures and passion. It is not mathematical. It is emotional, with no end!
Ristorante     la Majacca
D.O.C. & G.
Dear client,
this is to inform you that serious building technical problems, unexpected and sudden, have forced us to close the Ristorante la Majacca this year already before the end of the season.
Wish you a good continuation and see you in 2018! Thank you!
Three Tables in a Lobby!
In a lobby of a restaurant, planned in 1914, but never built in the Kotka old water tower.